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This means that when you want to go to bed, you may have to try more than once. And hey, who can lay it on thick better than you? You must be gentle with Libra, because this refined lover enjoys each and every step. The lower back is a particularly sensitive area, so if you want to speed things up that would be a great place to start. In the long-term, you and Libra can be rather successful.

The best love is the kind that lingers and lasts so that it can be savored. On top of that, there will be something about this mysterious, emotional and sensitive sign that makes you feel warm and secure. What you WILL be able to touch is that magic button that sets Scorpio off and on the path to showing just how sexually powerful this person is! Scorpio may appear to be trying to disarm you by knowing every last thing that pushes you to the brink of losing control over your composure, without ever breaking a sweat.

This highly sexual being is capable of blowing your socks -- and several other things on and around your body -- completely off! This, happily enough, also happens to be the kind of person you can relate to on a long-term basis. The two of you also have the ability to finish what you start without making unnecessary or disruptive changes. You and Sagittarius are the original BFFs of the zodiac. Genial and energetic, Sagittarius is nearly as sunshine-like and spectacular as you are!

When you first meet, you might fall instantly for this athletic, funny, and charming person.

Zodiac Compatibility

In bed, you can expect a lot of heat, because the two of you are each different forms of the same element: Fire. You might notice one of the things that distinguishes you from your Sagittarius hottie, though.

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You are very much a creature of the here and now -- tactile, sensuous, and desirous of instant gratification. Pull out all the stops here -- it will get Sagittarius excited.

This active person has a definite animalistic side, and can be seemingly insatiable. There will be marathons here. Pass the aloe vera gel! Before you go in here, though, expect Capricorn to take one look at you, size you up and then proceed to say something to take you down a few notches. Capricorn is just the kind of person who likes to be the boss. The other thing you share with this highly competent person, no matter your gender, is a way of being affectionate with others. You both like to bring out the best in everybody you know, and when you get into bed, that attitude has got to be a plus!

As it happens, most Capricorn people live a secret life. Under those gray flannel suits you could find anything from boxers to briefs to bikinis to leather thongs -- or fishnets! This may or may not turn you on, but it will surely be interesting! If you can live with the fact that someone can love you without showing it every minute of the day, this can work. This is a natural match! You and Aquarius will meet and instantly realize that both of you have so much to offer to one another.

When you get together, you could come to realize that being with your polar opposite can be a real turn-on! The attraction you feel will be obvious to this generous and curious person, and Aquarius will feel drawn toward you as well.

Leo Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

In bed, you might find that Aquarius needs to relax before getting down to getting busy. The best way to do this is let your partner talk -- at least a little bit. Suggest that you take a bath together. Once this is achieved, expect a whole new experience. Aquarius has quirks that might astound you! Doing it right there on the bathroom floor might appeal to this "anything goes" personality!

This can also be a great long-term relationship -- but first you have to learn the karmic lesson Aquarius has for you. Never assume that one person has everything there is to enjoy in one package. This works out well with you because you like to be honest.

Leo & Leo: Love Compatibility

Pisces will be a little wishy-washy at first, but if you establish eye contact and let this fantasy-bound partner gaze into your soul, you can establish enough trust to get Pisces into bed. This is why you have to think carefully before letting Pisces give that fragile little soul over to you. The heartbreak Pisces can experience is enough to put you on a guilt trip for the next 30 years! Pisces will also lean on you Looking to improve your current relationship? We can help! Our Relationship Dynamics Compatibility Report is designed to give you the guidance you need now!

By Tarot. But, did you know that your sexual compatibility can also be determined by your zodiac signs? Believe it or not, sexual compatibility astrology can actually lead to a happier and more fulfilling relationship. Arians are extremely aggressive and love to get into the act to gain complete satisfaction from it. However, they are not ones who spend a lot of time in foreplay and cuddling. They are impatient and want to be gratified instantly. Taureans love to be seduced and look forward to it.

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They crave for slow arousal. They have an insatiable libido. Geminines have no qualms about flaunting their sexuality. They love healthy flirting and can even talk dirty to arouse their partners. They enjoy having a good sexual rapport with their partner. Cancerians are shy. They need to be seduced until they achieve the comfort level.

How Pisces and Leo Are Compatable

Wondering what zodiac signs are compatible with Cancer? Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Scorpio are all sexually compatible with this zodiac sign. Leos love to be the center of attraction and want to get their way. This holds true even in bed.

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  • They are born lovers and can be extremely inventive in bed. The partner of a Leo can just lie back and enjoy the show. Virgos keep up their pretensions of being naive. However, they love a naughty partner and trying out new things in bed. According to the sex horoscope compatibility chart, Taurus, Libra, Pisces and Capricorn are sexually compatible with Virgo. Librans believe in perfection. When it comes to sex, they are open to trying out something different but might be intrigued by the idea.