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Taurus is your opposite sign, but reflects a lot of your same values. Taurus is probably the only sign that understands sensuality and desire to the same extent as you do , and the potential for physical chemistry alone is through the roof! The only problem is how slow-moving you both are—neither of you wants to make the first move. Months of very-obvious-feels can go by before any actual contact occurs, but the instant the two of you actually get together, a nearly-unbreakable connection forms.

Cancers understand your inner softness and vulnerability better than any other sign. You might keep it low-key in the public eye, but behind closed doors, your relationship is characterized by unreal levels of intimacy. You both love each other with percent of your being , and are willing to do whatever it takes to care for each other.

It's a relationship rooted in curiosity, and the level of intimacy that comes with such an entangled relationship is very unique. Gemini teaches you to be carefree and playful, while you teach them to open up more. Sagittarians make a perfect match for each other. You both have natural optimism, a sense of adventure, and a love to push yourself and others out of your comfort zones. In bed, nothing is off-limits.

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Date nights are never scheduled, and even if they are, they rarely go according to plan. The two of you go on trips, hikes, adventures, and make a fun fiasco out of any experience that helps to bring you closer and closer together. Aquarius is an endlessly fascinating sign for you to be with. Your perspective is strictly your own—you form your opinions based on your lived experiences and nobody else can tell you otherwise. Aquarius is an expert at detaching and seeing the big picture, and stubbornly refuses to accept your version of the truth as the actual truth.

This can lead to conflict, sure, but both of you love a good verbal debate and feeding off each other's energy is something you're hopelessly attracted to!

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Their watery energy might initially sound like it could douse your natural fire, but your two signs can get on pretty well together despite that! You expect the best from each other, but are also willing to put in percent to support one another. You take things very slowly—no sudden moves or disruptions to upset the equilibrium of your relationship. For others, this might easily get stale, but for your signs, slow and steady wins the race. Virgos are like-minded earth signs that want nothing but an efficient relationship, just like you.

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Your high expectations are rarely met by anyone, but a Virgo certainly tries the hardest to reach them! You have a steady and serious approach to relationships, but Virgo is upbeat and energetic enough to quicken the process along. You both fall fast and hard for each other. Virgo follows your lead in the bedroom, and masters your favorite positions for a mind-blowing encounter every time. Even though your sign is typically more straightforward when it comes to sex, Taurus is able to inspire you to branch out and feel good in a plethora of ways. They add a level of luxury and pleasure to your life while still not being superficial or frivolous.

Aries brings a spark of fun and excitement to your life that few other signs can. You know how weird you can come off to others, which holds you back from connecting with people sometimes. Not with Aries! They see your quirks as a reason to be endlessly fascinated and enamored with you. The positive attention for your eccentricities is something you may not be used to, but Aries celebrates your uniqueness better than any other sign!

This common spirit of rebelliousness is disruptive to others, but you two thrive on it! Libras are air signs, just like you. The two of you are less inclined to be emotionally-driven and are far more intellectual. Chatty, flexible Libras are able to match you mentally and truly understand you like no one else can. You find a best friend in your Libra partner, and they inspire you to explore a romantic relationship with them purely from being able to talk for hours and hours without interruption.

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You both prefer platonic relationships over romantic, lovey-dovey contact, so being with a Gemini will have you feeling lucky to be in love with your BFF. Nobody complains about you being annoying or too PDA, and you can be with them without feeling like any less of an independent individual. Sagittarius is bold and brash, and initially might seem too loud and energetic for your taste. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the jovial planet of luck, just like you, so they exude confidence and optimism that you become addicted to! You both live life strictly on your own terms—at the first sign of trouble, you are outta there!

Their can-do attitude inspires you to experience more of what life has to offer , and they earnestly support your growth. You love the heart-warming feeling their fiery spirit gives you. Capricorn is a surprisingly compatible match for you. You're the most emotionally-open sign with a desire to be completely free from real world issues.

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They're strict, serious, and always pragmatic. If there is, you fall madly in love the moment you realize there's an attraction there. You help Capricorn unlock their emotions, while they take your hopes and dreams and helps you to turn them into real life achievements. Libra is a sign that shares very few qualities with you, but can be a great fit.

You both use your natural charm to play around with each other and have fun, like two little kids with their first crushes on each other. With a Libra, you never stop feeling butterflies. Follow Jake on Instagram. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. John Francis. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Astrology. Find out the best matches in love based on zodiac signs compatibility. Check Your Love Compatibility! See Compatibility.

http://proxy.littlelives.com/bmw-2002-e10-commercial-brochure.php The love story between two Aries can be very beautiful as this is a combination of two very resourceful characters The love story between Aries and Taurus can be marked by many changes as this is a dynamic combination The love story between Aries and Gemini will be lived at high speeds as this is a temperamental combination The love story between Aries and Cancer consists in an exchange of emotions and confidence between the two